[update] Submission deadline has been extended to 23rd July 2022 (23:59AoE)

Facial Micro-Expression (FME) Workshop 2022

- Advanced Techniques for Multi-Modal Facial Expression Analysis

Micro-facial expressions (MEs) are involuntary movements of the face that occur spontaneously in a high-stakes environment. Computational analysis and automation of tasks on micro-expressions is an emerging area in face research, with a strong interest appearing from 2014. Only recently, the availability of a few spontaneously induced facial micro-expression datasets has provided the impetus to advance further from the computational aspect. Particularly comprehensive are two state-of-the art FACS coded datasets: CASME II and SAMM. While much research has been done on these datasets individually, there has been no attempts to introduce a more rigorous and realistic evaluation to work done in this domain. This is the inaugural workshop in this area of research, with the aim of promoting interactions between researchers and scholars from within this niche area of research, and also including those from broader, general areas of expression and psychology research.


To solicit original works that address a variety of challenges of Facial Expressions research, but not limited to:

  • Facial expressions (both micro- and macro-expressions) detection/spotting
  • Facial expressions recognition
  • Multi-modal micro-expression analysis, combining such as depth information, heart rate signal etc.
  • FME feature representation and computational analysis
  • Unified FME spot-and-recognize schemes
  • Deep learning techniques for FMEs detection and recognition
  • New objective classes for FMEs analysis
  • New FMEs datasets Facial expressions data synthesis
  • Psychology of FMEs research
  • Facial Action Unit (AU) detection and recognition
  • Emotion recognition using Aus
  • FME Applications


Please note: The submission deadline is at 11:59 p.m. of the stated deadline date Anywhere on Earth.

  • Submission Deadline: 10 July 2022 23rd July 2022 (updated)
  • Notification: 29 July 2022
  • Camera-ready: 7th August 2022
  • Submission guidelines:
    • FME2022 workshop papers will go through a double-blind review process.
    • Paper Format and page limit : The template is the same as the one used for the main conference (ACMMM22) track. Submitted papers (.pdf format) must use the ACM Article Template https://www.acm.org/publications/proceedings-template as used by regular ACMMM submissions. Please use the template in traditional double-column format to prepare your submissions. For example, word users may use Word Interim Template, and latex users may use sample-sigconf (\documentclass[sigconf,anonymous]{acmart}) template. The page limit would be 8 pages.
    • Submission system: https://openreview.net/group?id=acmmm.org/ACMMM/2022/Workshop/FME